Friday, March 27, 2009

so that's me

i've been cutting together a new demo reel over the past month. at first, i replaced only a few shots, but now that it's done, it's almost entirely new footage.
at the end of a photography class, we displayed all of our work for the semester, and it was very enlightening to see certain themes that naturally come out in a person's work. i've always been wary of making my shots look too "flat", which explains why so many of these are very shadowy. i had to go back and find some brighter ones to add in.


Allie said...

love it!!

The Terrell Family said...

Jeff, your creative abilities astound me! So impressed.

The Former 786 said...

Very nice.

You are a master at what you do, Jeff.

Jack said...

sweet reel, manfriend. you cool like a mule.

Jaime said...

AM radio?

way to be awesome.

kwistin said...

I am thoroughly impressed (and slightly jealous) of your skill and talent.

Way to do what you love and be good at it.

ps, love that song. =D