Saturday, March 14, 2009

i hearted today

selected reasons why today was awesome:

*i went running.  my nike+ipod thinger wouldn't sync with my shoe, but it still played music, and i ran down the provo river trail.  felt great.

*i ran around town with tim, just having fun being brothers.  beautiful weather and the windows down, we discussed the importance of zombie defense preparations, mused the myriad of good and not-so-good movies for sale at f.y.e., and wondered why only wal-mart carries the excellent crunchy natural skippy peanut butter.

*celebrating pi day at the village inn.  what was initially conceived as a few friends before stake conference easily blossomed into a big group of great people.  last year i got [the last slice of] pecan pie.  this year i got caramel silk pecan supreme.  mark got pecan (since he didn't get it last year), and i think he made the better choice.

*heard prairie home companion on the radio on the way to stake conference.  it was delightful and funny.  my love for garrison keillor grows with my age.

*stake conference.  the first line on my page of notes says, "it is good for us to be here."

*excellent jazz on npr while waiting at the stoplight.  savoring the little sublime moments.

*and i'm loving my new stacey kent cd as i write.


Laurie said...

I pied this weekend. Lemon meringue, and it was delicious.

Jaime said...

i love that you said "hearted"