Sunday, August 27, 2006

the weight of the world

during my second year at byu, i took a directing class. largely not that useful, they divided us into groups and gave us different scenes to direct. when it was my turn to direct a scene for 'casablanca', i had the idea of how i wanted it edited together and was quite nervous about letting an 'editor' do it while i wasn't there.
but when i stopped by the madlab ['media arts development lab'], i was surprised with what he had done--it was better than i could have done. a fact of film making that i learned better than any teacher could have told me: all those names are there on the credits because it takes a lot of people working together to make a movie.

i think i need to learn that lesson again, this time at church.
most sundays i love church and love my calling, but today i felt overwhelmed, seeing a hundred things i had to do and wondering how it would all happen, wondering why we didn't seem to be getting the results we had planned for.
although, i didn't realize how bad it was until two different friends immediately told me i looked tired.
9 a.m. church with 7:30 a.m. meetings doesn't help.... = D

i planned on going to bed as soon as i got home, but have spent the time talking with friends going through various hard times; there's something almost special about how the weight of others' problems is, in someways, easier to carry than our own.

i saw myself in the mirror tonight [which is where i usually see myself, i suppose], and with my round glasses and my hair the way it is, i kind of look like ned flanders.
[minus the stache]



Em said...

Sleep! Please sleep! You don't have a baby waking you up every 2 hours, so take advantage of it!

-->jeff * said...

em, you amaze me. absolutely.

how you find time to read and post comments on my silly little blog while trying to move yourself and the infant yet noble sir oliver across this great country to reunite with mr renn and start a new life all on a stocatto sleeping schedule is baffling.

and you remembered my birthday and MADE me a lovely card, too!

i would love for you to be our upm, were that still in your quiver....

you will love the east coast.

Beej said...

I say grow the stache and relish the Ned-diddly goodness!