Saturday, August 26, 2006

the tale of the samwise the friendly

'go films' is one of my favorite companies to work for. i worked with them on a movie called 'the outlaw trail' last fall, and, though when i think back, i remember being frustrated several days, i think of it now as one of my favorite features i've done.
oh, the perplexing complexity of the human psyche.

but i loved the crew and they loved me, and so i was a little surprised [and perhaps, 'hurt'] when they started their new one, a movie about rugby that looks like it will actually be something more than a 'utah independant'. when i came on to help them out for a day a few weeks ago, i pleasantly found out that they actually did want me for this one, but, long story short, there was some miscommunication [amongst other things] and yadda yadda yadda, i'm a dayplayer.

they're great people, and it's always fun to work with them. plus, i like loading on features.

i went in this morning, fought jason for control of the camera trailer stereo and lost [but as soon as he took the camera on to set, oingo boingo went in the player] and was talking with some of the other camera assistants.

'have you seen the hobbit?', they asked.

while i don't remember where i heard it, i recalled that sean astin was in this movie for a small bit.
a good day to day play.

in between loading film in the dark room, i began texting my friends, exclaiming that i was getting to work with sean astin and listen to oingo boingo and get paid all at the same time.
with everything loaded and ready, i brought the cases into set and was on my way out to the trailer when ryan [the director] and sean astin came walking in.

now, a general rule of film making is to leave the 'talent' ['actors'] alone. if you don't work directly with them, back off.
so many people can be touchy or finicky [there's actually a bit of irony here....] and chances are you are more expendable than they [although not always true.....]
so i got all excited inside at seeing mikey the goonie walking toward me and tried not to make eye contact and moved a little to the side, still planning on saying hi to ryan, when i hear 'hey, high five!'
i didn't think anyone powerful was behind me, and sean moved toward me.

and so i did what any lord of the rings fan would do--i high fived the man.

now, it wasn't the most solid high five i've given, but it was good enough to warrant me rushing back to the dark room and texting several people again, announcing that the hand used to type said text had just touched 'rudy's hand [i've never seen 'rudy'. should i?]

as the adreline subsided, i realized that i could have shaken his hand, introduced myself, and told him that my sister had a crush on him when she was six.

man, some days we really blow it, you know? ; )

it was a great day on set. the schedule was light, things went smoothly, and sean was great to work with. he would talk with anybody about anything.
at lunch, i was carrying a mid-day report of the film inventory and asked him for a picture [it helps to be friends with the set photographer when you didn't bring your own camera]. he was more than happy to, and went through the inventory list, trying to decipher the different codes we have on there [steve the camera guy used this to grab a few more shots for me, which i thought was cool of him].

one of our last shots of the night was a shot of him and big buddha on the bleachers at a rugby game. we got several takes of them cheering and doing whatever else it was they were supposed to be doing. during some rehearsing, ryan [the director] came around to all of us and said that he was going to ask for 'one more', and when he called 'action', we were all to start chanting 'rudy, rudy, rudy....'

for a lot of actors, it would be easy to quietly smile, or even look 'amused' in an almost patronizing way. but sean smiled, then laughed, then jumped up on the bleachers and started calling out plays [i'm guessing it was some reference to the movie. i should see it, shouldn't i?], and finished by jumping onto the ground and spiking the [rugby] ball.
the behind-the-scenes guys loved that one....

under 12 hour day, met sean astin, and i even got a shirt [much to the joshing chagrin of the regular crew members.....].

i recently found out that mary lynn rajskub was on a movie some other friends did out here earlier this summer. now, to get a picture with her, that would have me giddy.... [although i doubt she'd be as amiable as sean]


Em said...

So is THAT where you've been?

Beej said...

You must see it. One of the greatest sports movies of all time. And if you don't cry at the end your a cold, heartless jerk.

You'll love it!

(And when have I ever been wrong about a movie? On second thought, don't answer that.)