Thursday, June 01, 2006

talk of cicadian rhythms

i thought i had beat it.
getting back to my house on tuesday around 5:30, i was ready to collapse, but after a much-needed shower, i felt somewhat invigorated, and so finished out my day, with highlights including the two-hour season finale of '24' with some other friends who had missed it and were dying to see it.
yes, jack bauer did save the world.

i went to bed at 12:30 that night [a good time], and awoke to the sun shining in and
the sounds of childrens outside my window. no, it was not 10 or 11, but 2:13 p.m.
14 solid hours of sleep to complement the 32 that i enjoyed getting from east
to west. and when i was getting yawny later that evening, i thought i had pulled it off and was on occidental schedule.
but alas, i cannot beat my biology.

read 'the complete works of calvin and hobbes' [the comics, not the philosophy]
[actually, those classifications are rather inclusive....] until 1, tossed until 2, and must have slept for a few hours, because i next remember having dreamt and felt a severely 'asleep' left arm.
and so now i have a jump start on my next day.

i can write, read, and wal-mart and macy's are open 24 hours.

the catch is that i will be getting dead tired about the time i head to work.
i need the money, but crashing my car on i-15 might not be worth it.

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Em said...

Wow Jeff, thanks for taking the time to post all of this while you are still recovering. Fascinating read, really. Glad you made it back safely and it sounds like the trip was generally a smashing success.