Wednesday, June 14, 2006

not the way i imagined it

long story short: i am leaving in a few hours to drive to san jose and shoot a feature-length movie on a video camera for seven days. this promises to be interesting.
if i can't post while i'm down there, i'll have a lot to say when i get back.

right now, i am just really tired.
i don't think i'll be sleeping much for a while.


Em said...

Wow, never knew what a hole it left to have no jeff-blogging-fix for a whole week!

Alyssa Rock said...

Btw, Chris thinks it's lame that the one week we'll be in Utah, you'll be in San Jose---where we happen to be moving!

If you happen to come back by June 29 or 30th, drop us a line. Chris wants to stop by and say hi.