Saturday, September 29, 2012

silent mode

as is unfortunately not uncommon for me, i wasted a good chunk of my saturday, neither doing the work that i needed to do nor watching the movies that i wanted to. so the least i could do was accept the consequences of my actions and work hard tonight.

i worked on my sunday school lesson, went to a friend's birthday party and got in a "snaps" war (remember those little white papery things that you throw on the ground and they pop? those.), and then headed to the lab for the few remaining hours of the night.

i've been known to be in the lab for a couple of hours and get very little done but was determined to make this time count and so did something i usually don't do but knew i should:

i put my phone and silent and kept it in my pocket.

no distractions. no nothing. just me and "of monsters and men" and "the zombies" (really, if you haven't listened to their album, you should) on my ipod and a whole lot of productive layout work being done. it sounds simple, i know. but i also like having "company" and my phone is my connection to my friends. but, you know, there's a time for everything.

good habits and bad habits are both developed by making little changes, and i'm determined to make this one stick.

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