Wednesday, September 05, 2012


today in my ballroom dance class i danced with a girl who said she'd mostly done waltzes before. her boyfriend always seemed to know whenever masquerade balls were being held and they'd go to them together. she noted that she's accumulated quite a collection of masks.

i want to go to a masquerade ball.
no, i want to go to lots of masquerade balls.
but that'll probably require getting out of college station, texas, first.
there might be some hope in austin or houston.
at any rate, it's on my list.


Nana Layne said...

Neil and Kate Ransom held a masquerade ball for their wedding reception.

The Former 786 said...

What is that picture from?

Tyson Sieger said...

Indeed, you should experience the bizarre feeling of being in a masquerade ball! As for me, I always check the venue first. An exclusive estate is the ideal place to hold a masquerade ball. However, it doesn’t really matter. For as long as you are with your best buddies, fun will always be there! =)