Monday, June 11, 2012


i had a post i was going to write here.
title, thought, and picture, all planned out.
but it just wasn't coming out smoothly.
and not in the "keep revising it until it's better" way,
but more in the "no, it's just not going to happen today" way.
and i've suddenly really got an urge for a taco with guacamole, but since i'm actually writing this on sunday evening, i'm probably not going to go get one.

i'm tempted to slap an "ei blot til lyst" label on here just for kicks, but, no.

eh, what the heck.

and i lost my embroidered handkerchief on the plane last week.


Nana Layne said...

It's Monday, go get your taco.


kwistin said...

heh. we are similar, aren't we.

--jeff * said...

i'd forgotten that you even used the same title...

kwistin said...

title was different. yours had an 'r'. ;)