Tuesday, June 19, 2012

home alone

my roommate left on a month-long trip yesterday. he's doing his doctoral research in seattle because... i think just because his professor is up there on some academic visit. at any rate, he won't be back until the middle of july.
another roommate is home in idaho for the summer. and my third roommate seems to live on mars.

so, at any rate, i've got the whole house to myself for a while.

living alone for me is no big deal. i did it for about seven months back at the red door, plus there would be plenty of times when i wouldn't see my roommate there for a while, depending on schedules or whatever else. heck, during the school year here, days will go by without me seeing anyone, since i (always) get up later and (often) come home (much) later than everyone else.

but my schedule is lighter in the summer, and when my class ends next week (yes!) then i'll really have time to be at home. and while i think i would go crazy if i permanently lived here by myself, it is really kind of nice to have the place to myself for a while.

the slight irony is that a lot of my friends are also out of town for the summer, but i'll figure out something.

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