Tuesday, April 17, 2012

d.c. part 3: the charlotte airport

 sleep for two hours in d.c.
get to the airport very early
remember only taking off in d.c.
and landing in n.c.
get off the plane
attendant greets me in the bathroom
find gate C7
board the plane
realize i'm not holding my carry-on
awkwardly wedge my way out as others are trying get on
hurridly explain my situation to the ladies at the gate
they say the door closes in 8 minutes
frantically run through the airport like the hero of a romantic comedy who's realized that he does love the girl and has to stop her before she leaves on that plane to paris
but i'm only chasing a carry-on bag
still, it's my carry-on bag
get to gate B24
my duffel bag
explain between breaths
they remember my bag
it's now at baggage claim
walk, since i've missed my flight
get my bag
go through security again
peer at what my shoulder bag looks like in an x-ray machine
get a new ticket
no charge : )
find my new gate
buy myself a "naked" fruit smoothie as a reward for not losing my "hatching pete" bag and watch m:i:iii on my ipad.

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kwistin said...


. . . fist bump.

i especially like this little narrative.