Tuesday, February 14, 2012

any colour you like


Em said...

For the record, I take issue with this quote, and with all the divorces it has led to.

--jeff * said...

in context, em, i wholly agree.

i expect marriage to be full of mundane moments, of days of cleaning and budgeting and long car trips and dishes and tiring children.

but i believe that, in all of that, underlying all of that, is something really great and awesome.

because, yes, i think it's a great shame that so many marriages have ended because it got hard and suddenly wasn't fun and glamourous and exciting.

(see my post tomorrow for more)

Em said...

Okay, well if they substituted, "then you need to find a way to make it better" for "it is a waste of time" then I'd recant.

--jeff * said...

i think that would actually be an amazing and most excellent addendum.

(i still have that follow-up partially written on here, yet to be published. you know, grad school.... kind of like motherhood, but not as bad...)