Friday, September 30, 2011

two questions

in the first presidency message for september, president uchtdorf talked about getting prepared for general conference this weekend.  he said that if we had questions that we need to have answered (and i liked how he said "need"), we can write them down and take them to general conference.  the answers might come in the exact words from a speaker, or they might come as a thought or feeling or impression during a talk that is unrelated to what we are pondering.

i don't think i've ever taken advantage of this promise before, but last sunday i wrote down two questions that i needed answered and planned to take this week to prepare for conference weekend.

by both my own choices and by circumstances beyond my control, this week has been anything but peaceful and contemplative.  further, i do not have the time to watch (or listen to) the saturday sessions, either.  but with modern technology, i'll be able to put them on my ipod next week and listen as i'm walking around campus.  and that's something.  (i'm also looking forward to hearing pres. uchtdorf's talk from last saturday's general relief society broadcast...)

so, i have my questions.
i hope i can hear what i need to.

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The Former 786 said...

Maybe there's a follow-up later on (I'm behind), but, if there's not, I would really appreciate knowing if you got your answers.