Saturday, January 29, 2011

after party

dear future wife::

we had a really good party here tonight.  you would have liked it.
as i was cleaning up, the lights were down low and i had some good music playing.  it was a nice moment and i thought how it would be great to dance with you on the open floor for a bit before going to bed.

so, i hope you're doing well and if i haven't yet, i hope to meet you soon.
because you're missing a lot of really fun things.


-->jeff *


Em said...

Whatever happens these are good thoughts to think.

Natalie said...

Jeffrey, I like you. She will be a lucky girl, whoever she is :)

kwistin said...

i'm sure she'll like this. : )

The Former 786 said...

dear jeff::

Sorry I couldn't be there, I really wish I could have been. But I had just gotten back from a Ingmar Bergman film festival, and I only had 20 minutes of free time (which I used for a quick scripture study) before my photo shoot. Modeling is a tough life, you know.


your future wife

The Former 786 said...

A thoughtful and insightful post Jeff, I really think...

Hey, who's been using my account???