Friday, December 24, 2010

sledding on Christmas eve

we went sledding tonight. the little kid had a lot of fun, and i think the bigger kids did, too.
it kind of looked like this:

i just like this picture. : )
i think we look pretty great.
crazy, but great. and we stayed warm.
(yes, i am wearing combat boots.
my winter boots are in texas. it was 63 degrees there today.)

the boys. we tried to look like vikings.
i did, anyway.

this is a bit of my town. sledding on the dike that holds back the nationally famous floodwaters. (and even though it was 14 degrees out, the river behind us was still running.
go minnesota!)



The Former 786 said...

I've never been to Minnesota, these pictures made me want to go.

I really love the colors of these photos, for some reason.

Brooke said...

I love the colors too! The Burgundy and the gold...WHERE did you get such an awesome SCARF??? Haha...just kidding! I love the fact that you love it though! ;)