Saturday, December 25, 2010

my Christmas letter

ten things i learned in 2010

oscar winners are regular people, too

cleaning parties are more fun than birthday parties

grad school is a new way of life, but grad school at a&m is life on a new world

the amusement park really is more fun when you're holding a girl's hand

i feel off a stool

with some how-to videos on youtube and plenty of determination,
three guys with no experience can fix a washing machine

waffles in belgium are famous for a reason

everything is going to be ok

old friends can become new friends and
good friends can become even better friends

it's possible to go snowboarding in june

1 comment:

The Former 786 said...

All good lessons, some of which I want to learn.

Also, I don't know what "feeling off a stool" is, but it sounds dirty. :)

(the word verification for this is "rutle," which made me laugh because of the Monty Python sketch)