Thursday, September 16, 2010

glamour shots

seizing the moment for some good portraits during shooting for a class project. (more on that when it's finished...)

so, which one should i use for my new facebook profile?


~~* Shaun said...

oo! i vote #4.
Very Classic Hollywood

Laurie said...

1 or 2. Or you could just put 2 on your next Christmas/V-day card. That would suit me just fine.

And don't you mean "glamour" shots?

These are excellent. You really look like you stepped out of time.

Em said...

I vote #1. That blank expression can be read as just about anything.

Brooke said...

First...Love these! I agree with Shaun! Very Classic Hollywood. I am expecting some form of educational flimstrip move to start. Tell us Professor Gustafson, what are we learning today??

I personally think they all look great, but I like #2 "Curmudgeonly Professor Gustafson" the best! :)

--jeff * said...


thank you for the responses! i'm happy that there's a variety in the votes.

but what makes me happier is that this is supposed to be an old fifties educational video. the subject: "how to float."
but, like i said, more on that when it's finished. ; )

Jaime said...


i think you look like a german, in number one :)

Jaime said...

ok. ok. i really like one. but, two is so interesting! you know, everyone loves 4. it's last on my list. but i STILL love you. :)

Becky said...

The second one. Your hair is getting long (relatively speaking)

The Former 786 said...

#2! Go #2, Jeff!

Yes, I am that immature. But yes, I do like that picture the best - especially for an October picture.

kwistin said...

love 'em. now i really wish i were in your class. : )

i like them all, but i especially like #2 and #4.

then again, you've already made the switch. you have an excellent slew of profile pictures.