Wednesday, September 01, 2010

final texts of the utah era

i didn't have time to finish the post about school that i started earlier this evening, so i will put up the numbers. personally, i'm always interested in seeing how they change with the ebb and flow of life.
  1. kristin 525
  2. jaime 447 (nice to see you back in competition)
  3. shaun 429
  4. jess 268
  5. mark 155
and in 11th place, joel, with 39.


kwistin said...

oh boy oh boy oh boy-- i finally made it! that i got the top for a time, is there a prize or something? (she said as she looked around the empty kitchen while nibbling on belgium chocolate...)

Jaime said...

i'm glad to be back!

The Former 786 said...


Good heavens. What happened to us, Jeff? What happened???