Wednesday, December 23, 2009

it's the mormon tabernash!

today is tabernash. it's a mormon holiday.

as i understand it, tabernash started when my brother was in high school. a classmate had heard a rumor that mormon's don't celebrate Christmas and, curious but not wanting to show ignorance, asked one of my brother's friends. and, being that my brother ran in circles with too much creative energy, recieved the answer that no, mormons don't celebrate Christmas, but rather, "tabernash." as school was ending for the Christmas break, a student passed my brother and courteously wished him a "happy tabernash."

so it began and so it continues.

the date was randomly chosen to be december 23rd, coincidentally coinciding with joseph smith's birthday. celebration is pretty much whatever you want, though it's customary to sing "it's the mormon tabernash, tabernash tabernash" to the tune of "in the hall of the mountain king."

you can read tim's personal account of it here. it's a slightly clearer (and better) telling of the post above.

it's a takes a bit of searching, but please join the tabernash event on facebook.

happy tabernash!

as a bonus along those same lines....


kwistin said...

so, i find this highly amusing that on this, the very night of mormon tabernash, i will be attending a festivus party.


huzzah for the holidays.

Natalie said...

Tabernash sounds like a great holiday. It also happens to be an unincorporated town of 165 happy people in Colorado.,_Colorado

Laurie said...


*wipes tear*

Good goo. I'm going to have to tell Jake about this.

The Former 786 said...

I'm sad I missed Tabernash this year.

Oh, well, there's always next year.

And that song on the Tonight Show is strangely accurate!