Sunday, October 11, 2009

warm fuzzies at general conference

i remember the first time i got to be in the conference center for general conference. it was my first fall in utah, and it was as exciting as going backstage at a rock concert (well, same same but different). in the years since, i've had the privilege to be in there many more times, and it's still just as awesome. this year, i got to attend the saturday morning, priesthood, and sunday morning sessions. a lot of driving to salt lake, but the cost of a tank of gas is certainly worth it all.

the saturday morning session was, once again, my favorite. elder scott's talk on learning to hear the Holy Ghost was a message that, for me, reverberated through the weekend. it seemed that i heard, again and again, the importance of taking time to listen for those delicate promptings and to follow them.

as i've worked on my sunday school lesson this week, elder bednar's talk on the importance of consistancy in our efforts has come to my mind agian and again. the principle that being diligent in doing those things we ought to is more enduring that the seemingly meager immediate results.

brother osguthorpe's talk on teaching was like a fountain; i couldn't write fast enough.

looking through my notes, there was so much good said last weekend. i'm not going to post a review of my notes this time, but will let you to go back through your own. it's so wonderful to have this sort of council available to us. and that we can hear them speak in so many different ways (this was my first time watching a session over the internet) is fantastic.
and i'm looking forward to the conference cds.

saturday morning concluded with us finding an excellent asian restaurant, as is tradition. priesthood was followed by ice cream, as was tradition in our ward at home (and seems to be pretty ubiquitous through mormon culture). and sunday morning was followed by a text that made me smork and dinner at my sister's. feasting of all sorts all weekend long.


kwistin said...

wonderfully written, and wonderful insights. this is one of the few times i didn't have a chance to go up to conference at all (due to illness and excess stress) so i'm glad you went extra times.

and 'smork'...'warm fuzzies'...your posts are so the ploxiest. :)

~Bekahjo said...

You reminded me of the first time that I was in the conference center. We had gone up the very first saturday session that it was open, and went into the tabernacle to watch because we didn't have tickets. During the opening song the ushers came in and told everyone that there was plenty of room in the conference center, bc not everyone that had tickets had shown up. We ran across the street--and made it to our seats just as President Hinckley was talking about the pulpit being made from his tree. Good memories =]