Monday, December 01, 2008


i was at a friend's house and saw her list of resolutions tacked on the wall.  what i thought cool about them were that they were divided into different categories (financial, social, personal, spiritual) and that they were half-yearly.  it seems common to set what we'd like to do, then figure we'll just be doing it by september.  if you've got until july, that's an easier time frame to get going.
thinking about what i want to do better, i wondered, "why wait until january?"

some of mine:
  • attend and/or give gifts to the weddings to which i am invited (i'm off to a good start!)
  • practice the heck out of my accordion and piano
  • travel somewhere big (china, turkey, sweden, antarctica, mongolia, chichen itza)
  • buy an atv
  • read like i wanted to this year (one book a month; i finished my 88-page january book in august)
  • learn photoshop (iphoto's nice and all, but i was meant for bigger things)
  • start an internet rumor
  • take other adult education classes: car maintenance, sewing
  • direct a commercial or movie
  • learn investing
  • become first aid certifide
  • learn to ride a horse
  • do a triathlon with my sister and/or brother-in-law
  • learn a little about html
if i can do that, it should be a pretty good year...


Em said...

reading your list I gasp at the time commitments they'd require.
Then again, I'm in a stage of life where my time is not my own.
I have to set the sort of goals that require a moment here and there, because that's what I can claim for my own.

Jack said...

great resolutions, manfriend. I'm looking forward to an accordion concert!

kwistin said...

Jeff, that's so awesome!

Funny because I decided two days ago that I wanted to start setting resolutions right now as well, and your friend's bi-yearly thing is a great idea.

way to spread the inspiration. :)
Oh! OH! and I might be able to help YOU with something for once...i dig photoshop. ;)

Natalie said...

That's a lot to accomplish! Best of luck to you!

Brian, Steph, Whit, Tay, James said...

You know where to come for that investment stuff. We've talked about this many times, hope the goal is met!

Leith said...

That's fantastic! I found it surprising that we have a whole bunch of similar goals (just not buying an atv, and my musical practicing is limited to the piano). Good on ya mate!