Wednesday, December 17, 2008

813 mile car trip*

i'm in nebraska.
i slept for about 2 and a bit hours last night, which made me a more docile co-pilot that i usually am. but brady and i crossed wyoming without any forboding snow sightings. actually, that's not accurate. we did see some snowy, stormy clouds, and, with the sun breaking through, i got some good pictures. i was wishing i had someone else's lens, but i made due with what i had.

if you've ever ridden in a car with my sister, you will know that you will invariably be made to play "the atlas game", whereupon she will grab the discount wal-mart atlas and begin testing your state trivia. becky will be riding with us tomorrow to minnesota, and even though brady and i fancy ourselves as knowing our geography, we decided some practice wouldn't hurt.
not only do we not know our world capitols, but my knowledge of state capitols is shameful. i'm embarrassed.

carrots are another staple on car trips (at least, in my family), and, for much of my childhood, were cut into neat sticks by my mother. then the baby carrots were invented. different, but still comfortable and bite-size. and that's what i was expecting when brady said he brought carrots. i reached behind my seat and hefted a large plastic bag stuffed with what i termed, "bugs bunny carrots"; large, whole carrots, with the ends chopped; washed, not peeled. true to what my sister says, they were very "crunchy." and fragmenty; i choked on one as i was getting my pre-payed change at the truck stop.

brady and i chose all truck stops. perhaps it was because we were on I-80, the transportation industry artery of the country (try saying that ten times fast); passing all the semis along the way, brady noted how they aren't as refined as other professions, but all of us depend on truckers. the friendliest truck stop was in nebraska, with a few patrons saying "hi" to me, along with a sign on the door advertising "rifle cases for $75." this is the real deal, folks.
in contrast to the log-like carrots of earlier, i hunted down a pair of pink snowballs. i found not the hostess kind, but mrs. freshley's. tim and i conducted a taste test earlier this year and found that "her" cupcakes beat out hostesses, although i'm still split on the snowballs.

not only does nebraska boast a billboard advertising "fun and recreation on jeffrey lake in brady, ne", but they seem to have a love with museums. the history of kool-aid, paperweights, plains pioneers, germans from russia, and military vehicles; all in nebraska. not good enough? how about a museum that is built over both sides of the freeway? it was dark, so i couldn't see what it housed, but i did noticed a painting of a wizard on the side.

and, due to an ice storm, i will be here until friday. thankfully, we've got singin' in the rain....

lastly, i recently washed my "minnesota" hoodie, since it smelled like campfire. it shrunk, and now is just slightly too small. that's only relevant in that i'm wearing it and it's been bugging me all day.

*it was actually 894, but then it wouldn't match the song. strictly a creative decision.


Jaime said...

the museum that goes over the freeway is a PIONEER MUSEUM! I went to it once. If you're LDS, and you live in nebraska, you know about this museum. although, the name escapes me. i do say though, it's not worth the money to go through. is that bad to say about a pioneer museum?

LJ said...

This is a very random post that brought back fragmented memories of a billion road trips I took as a kid. And we never had baby carrots growing up...just the Bugs Bunny kind.

--jeff * said...

so why the wizard on the side of the pioneer museum?
there's a possibility that the pioneer's would agree with you that it's a boring museum; i wouldn't worry.

why, laurie jayne, how nice to see you! :)
yes, there's something wonderful about childhood car trip memories.
they're pretty fun as grown-ups, too.

kwistin said...

someone else's lense... :)

my, i feel like eating carrots now. this is shocking.

i liked your analysis of hostess vs mrs. freshley's brands. remind me sometime to tell you about my cherry vs strawberry pop-tarts quest.

i enjoy car trips as well, if only for the memories.

i also liked the tmbg video. very applicable.

good work.

shandy said...

1) Congrats on making it through Wyoming without being snowed in.
2) I'm probably horribly wrong,but I thought the "over the freeway museum" had Abraham Lincoln in it. Would that make Lincoln a wizard.
3)You missed the rollerskating museum.
4)i hate that you're at my house and i am not.