Friday, July 18, 2008

the windows of heaven

it feels good to be typing again.

at the start of may, i was offered a job on "high school musical 3" and was looking forward to two months of work with my favorite crew in utah.  but when i found out we were shooting on sundays, something didn't sit well with me.  yes, i had worked a few sabbaths on the last movie i did, where we still held a small sacrament meeting during lunch time, but i wanted to be someone who didn't work on sundays.  after much contemplation and discussion with trusted friends, i gave the job to another friend and looked forward to having two months free.

but things do not always go as we plan.  i had never been so busy in my life.  in response to a friend's question one day, i realized that from the end of january to the first week of july, i did not have a full week off.  work was coming from everywhere, and, in the end, i was still able to be a part of  "hsm3", somehow managing to be there on the show's biggest production number (rumor was that those three days alone cost $1 million), getting in the crew photo, and being there for the free sweatshirts (although i regrettably missed both german days from catering).

in the end, i worked fewer days yet and earned more.  i got to jump to several different projects, some of which were very fun (pretty much anytime i assist brian wilcox is a good day), while "donnie darko 2" ranks among my least favorite shoots in recent memory.  standing out in that desolate field in the rain as the cinematographer insisted we could still shoot while the producers seemed to want to call it a night is one of those stories better remembered than experienced.  and in the midst of all of this, i've still been able to teach all of my favorite sunday school lessons, albeit two were after working an all nighter on high school musical.  i'm told i only said a few weird things.

thanks for checking here in the mean times.

much love to you all. 


Em said...

Oh it is so good to hear how your summer is going! I love your life's point of view, and it makes me wish you really had the blogging bug and kept at it religiously. But part of what I love about you is your priorities, so there's a contradiction.
Keep at it.

Jack said...

hooray! Jeffy's back. Your posts have been missed. Your posts have been missed by me. Passive voice is appreciated by me.