Sunday, July 27, 2008

friends on the blogotubes

these are my friends.  chances are, you read some of them, too.

"a window into the williams' world"--my dear sister and her stellar husband.  originally they had two blogs, but, like so many other things in their lives, they became one.  lately, it's often been about be about impending babies, because that's what's going on.

"that's enough out of you, capt. amazing"--my brother himself.  good stories and life lessons about working in an office and videos of kittens.  may or may not be done by a monkey.

"lucky shirts"--jack and natalie.  sometimes about babies (and the frequency will probably increase), sometimes about other stuff, including mountains, families, and broken windows.  and, recently, i heard "the eels" on there.  now i like that.

"cafe rock"--the chris and alyssa.  and a kid rock.  and a pet rock.  and movie talk.  yet not on blogger.  weird.

"pretty much great"--by bekahjo.  the title says it all.

"one happy family"--beej waited until later than most of his friends to get married.  now he's got a wife and three kids.  i like their stories.

"jam hall"--jared and marvia, my favorite people in the state of north dakota.  no relation to tally hall; more like pb&j but for real.

"ready for my close-up mr. demille"--emily and renn and oliver flinders.  like a good documentarian, em has taken a seemingly common subject (be a young wife and mother) and has crafted a wonderful blog.  i haven't been a regular reader in a while, but it was her ingenuity that made me want to get a blog of my own.

"all the world"--leith(al), my favorite person from africa.  i just recently rediscovered her blog.

"spark plug in the sea"--kristin.  she doesn't write often, but i will reference her site when i finally post my tally hall review--she captured the second concert beautifully.

"ramblings and randomness"--laurie jayne.  i put laurie jayne last because i check her last.  i check her last because she is usually the most prolific.  and, as an aspiring writer, she's getting really darn good.  like, seriously dang.

non-blogs that like:

the criterion collection-- this is where i spend my free time.  i've compiled a list to rent from the orem library and am working on it.  i just can't get enough.

they shoot pictures, don't they?-- the best "serious film" site i've found.  the layout/design is horrendous, but for lists and rankings, this is close to definitive.

sight and sound top 10-- a shorter definitive list.  i follow it.

homestarrunner-- always a fan.  meh! the most correct of any site on earth.


CK Rock said...

Shoot, I was hoping to get the Scort's blog from you. Maybe he doesn't keep one? Scott, if you're reading this, get with the times man!

BTW we're not on Blogger because Cafe Rock if completely programmed by yours truly. That way we can have a more custom look and feel to the blog.

Em said...

I wondered where you'd gone.... oh well. I'm still reading you, and that's the important thing.
Not much going on in my corner besides pukage anyhow.

Tim said...

Do you still use Google Analytics? I checked mine recently, and while I had about 10-12 page views a day for the last few months, it went to zero at the beginning of July and has stayed there ever since.

Did yours do this to? I'm wondering if it's a glitch or if I somehow managed to alienate the dozen readers I once had.

Anonymous said...

{{ HUG } } right back at cha!


LJ said...

[happy sigh]