Sunday, May 04, 2008


i've been thinking about what it means to choose the right.  it is easy to think that when we make the right choice, that things will get easier, that our struggles will lessen.  it really sounds like that's what should happen when we do the right thing.
in the end, it always will.  choosing the right will bring us the rewards we really want, the deeper happiness, the greater security.  in the end.
but the end rarely comes right after we make our decisions.  very often, choosing the right means following the road less traveled.  things get harder.    we don't see the results we were seemingly told would come when we chose the better part.  we think that choosing the right will bring ease, comfort, immediate happiness, and/or a clear and obvious success.  it's then that we begin to wonder, "did i make the right choice?"  "did i do good?"  "does it matter?"
the answer is a resounding, YES!  and after the choice has been chosen, after we have made our selection because we saw it as the better half, the nobler part, the wiser path, we then step into shadows.  this is the exciting time, when we can hold on to what we believed, remembering that we did, indeed, choose the right.  often, this is a battle within the quiet walls of our hearts, fields where no one else knows of our struggles.  yet these silent choices are what shape us into who we become. 
wait for the reward; it may tarry, but it will come. 


Jack said...

Hooray for awesomeness, righteousness, and Chinese (ok, Japanese too) ctr rings! and extra hooray for blessings.

Marvia said...

Great thought and very true. It was nice visiting with you while I was in Utah. It is good to know what is going on in Jeff's brain. :)

Tim said...

The inner monologue that occurs after turning down a job offer that requires you to work on Sundays, huh?