Monday, January 14, 2008

to the moon and back

well i'd like to visit the moon
on a rocket ship high in the air
yes, i'd like to visit the moon
but i don't think i'd like to live there
though i'd like to look down at the earth from above
i would miss all the places and people i love
so although i might like it for one afternoon
i don't want to live on the moon

and so ernie would sing as he lay in bed at night.  i never gave much thought about it when i was younger, and didn't even think too deeply on it when laurie put it on the cd she made for me a few months ago.  not until this weekend, as i was looking out from the 10th story window in our suite at the venetian, the largest hotel in the world, did i understand what ernie meant.

we saw 'O', the cirque du soleil's aquabatics show, similar to CATS but a little more eerie and, certainly, wetter; we ate at elegant restaurants, where everything from the orange juice to the prime rib is among the best you will find anywhere; we lived in a palace that felt as though we were walking through the height of the renaissance, a cultured royalty; we enjoyed cacti and chocolates; and, best of all, we watched the glorious fountain shows at the bellagio.

we also walked past stores selling such fine apparel that only a few items were on sale, and where i could have spend my entire earnings from 2007 without difficulty; past billboards and clubs calling out with promises of fame, wealth, and sexuality; past people repeatedly gambling over $100 on a hand of cards; where everywhere i looked i was being told that i'm not rich enough, cool enough, wild enough, elegant enough, hot enough, fun enough, good enough.  
after a while, you start to wonder if maybe that's true.

we enjoyed ourselves: we savored the food, enjoyed the lights, appreciated the architecture, and drank a $4 bottle of water.  as i looked out over the unreal reality below, where people from around the world come to see this amazing spot like nowhere else, i felt like ernie.  i had danced on a moonbeam, and i was ready to come back to earth.

after saying goodbye to my parents, i slapped my 'tally hall' sticker-magnet back onto my car, stopped at in-n-out burger--which seems to get better every time i go there--and went home.

on the way, i passed a billboard for ',' displaying a mushroom cloud and advertising 'survival kits available.'  
so it's not just vegas that's weird.

i also decided that i want to come to vegas when i'm married.  
that's probably just the george bailey in me.


Anonymous said...

I often thought of vegas as an illusion. everyone and everything was never as it seemed, for the most part..

having lived there though, i've grown to have respect for the city. I would also like to go back once i'm married. =)

Em said...

Anne Shirley said that places like that are like going out for ice cream late at night. They are all right every once in a while, but most of the time you'd rather be in bed sleeping.

L'Afro said...

I like this. I also quite like Vegas, and I always have. But I typically go with friends who will dress up in 70s clothes with me.