Friday, January 11, 2008

fond of strategem or a bit of a coward

we saw 'amelie' tonight at byu.

it reminded me of the joy in being a dreamer, and that i still believe in true love, though i now feel a little self-conscious writing that.


Em said...

Don't, more people should say it.
It's my least favorite thing about the culture I live in, that we are expected to patch over our vulnerable spots and be tough. (Boys especially). You can't be human without being vulnerable, it's not even worth trying.

And despite it's occasional vapid-ness, it's a marvelous film for reminding one to enjoy life and not settle for less, (and be nice) isn't it?

Marvia said...

That is a great movie! And I think you're hilarious!

Anonymous said...

i BELIEVE in true love, too =)