Sunday, June 24, 2007


last summer i went running quite often. i really enjoyed it and was getting alright at it. in the morings or the cool of the night, i'd grab my little ipod shuffle and take off down the neighborhood, enjoying the air as i ran to 'the killers', letting the music carry me until i was far more tired than i realized.
i'd always try to run up the hill, pushing myself. i'd then walk for a fair while once atop the hill.

this year, i haven't been out as much, and when i do go, i don't have quite the enjoyment of it nor the strength for it. i can go for some distance, but i invariably slow down and don't get started again as i used to. the ipod is still there, but the heart isn't.
and such is life, at times. and it's hard. i want to be out there, running, working, fighting. i get out when i get out, but i wish i were more disciplined.



Tim said...

I'm still waiting on that tirade about AFI's 100 Years... 100 Movies: 10th Anniversary list.

Em said...

If you chance upon the secret to discipline, please share. Sometimes I think that's all I really need to learn in this life, except it always slips away from me.