Monday, April 30, 2007

some kind of creative drought

remember in grade school art class, when you'd get the clay and try to sculp that good idea that you had? and when it didn't turn out as you imagined, you reworked it again and again and while it did get better, it never really got 'good'? clay, drawings, blog postings, it doesn't really matter--sometimes art is hard.

that's where i've been at lately.
editing our group's fhe video has been like sculpting a pile of dirt. after several hours, it was much better, but still not really good. we didn't win 'best picture' tonight, but we didn't deserve to.

work today was the same--big scenes that just didn't look right no matter where i put the camera or how i placed the lights.... mountainview high school has very odd architecture and horrendous available lighting. there, i said it.

if you want to find me, i'll be out in the sandbox, building castles in the sun.


Em said...

"horrendous available lighting"

Ah, you just summed up my apt right there, imagine the toll it begins to take over time.

Here's hoping that some sleep and a fresh pair of eyes in the morning helps. Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. But sometimes only a rest will do.

Leith said...

Sometimes I forget just how creative and genius my friends really are. Then, I read somethig like this and get inspired to stop being blah, and whip out a little more of my vocabulary and get a little more interesting in my various endeavours. Thanks Jefferson. You inspire me.

Em said...

Hopefully things got better, I worry when I don't hear anything.