Sunday, November 19, 2006

editor's note

dear readers,

i deeply and sincerely regret the current and prolonged famines of this publication. i know that some of you very much enjoyed the daily postings that came since the blog's inception this year and generally continued throughout much of the summer.
when a reading base has been established, it is the duty of the publisher to see that deadlines are met and that a certain degree of respect and responsibility is shown to those who matter.
recently, our staff has become exceedingly busy with other matters-- sadly, none of which involve any degree of notable interpersonal female relations.
sudden changes in daily structure can have rippling effects, and a lack of time management skills can quickly erode seemingly extranneous activities.

certainly, this takes a mental toll on all of here, including our writing and editing departments [which is to say nothing for h.r., who seem to be have hit the hardest of anyone].
our r&d staff, however, has been working around the clock, compiling weeks worth of material that we feel is not only interesting but also up to the standards our readers have come to expect from sheep go to heaven. several dates have been set for press time, only to have other priorities arrise that have sent our publishing department into near-tantrums, pulling our their hair and yelling about 'the suffocation of the artist'.

after many long nights with third party-mediation, we have decided to begin publishing backlogued commentaries, insights, opinions, reviews, emotings, and rantings just as soon as they pass by my desk.

as readers, i encourage you to check the recent archives from time to time, as we will be publishing these articles under the date which they occured, beginning with october 20, 2006, and continuing until we reach this posting.

we hope you continue to enjoy our work here, and i welome your comments at anytime.

thank you, and be excellent to each other.

jeff gustafson
sheep go to heaven


Em said...

Totally understandable, and um.... I guess you're forgiven?

You could try being like me and just publish things exactly as they flow out of your brain. Editing is for wimps.

Anonymous said...

:) very creative- i must say.

Alyssa Rock said...

You do realize it's been a month since you posted this entry, don't you? :P

Sometimes it's hard finding time to write. I'm very much in favor of just writing in my personal journal when I feel like it. Otherwise it becomes a drudgery, a chore.

But when it comes to my blog, I find that I have to set up a scheduled time to sit down and write or else it doesn't happen. Sunday evening tends to be my blog time.

Anonymous said...

stop being busy!

Anonymous said...