Thursday, November 21, 2013

always crashing in the same car

there's the story of a man who was caught in a flood and so he prayed to God that He would save him.
soon, a woman in a raft came by and offered to help him out of the water.
"thank you," said the man, "but i am waiting for God to save me."
so the raft went on and the flood waters continued to rise.

after a while, a woman in a motorboat came by and told the man to get in to safety.
"no," said the man. "i am waiting for God to save me."
the boat moved on and the flooding got worse.

eventually, the floodwaters were dangerously high and there seemed to be little hope left. no boats were in sight, but helicopter found the man.
"come with us!" said the pilot, "and we can rescue you!"
"go on without me," said the man. "God will save me."

and soon, the man drowned.

in heaven, he asked God why He didn't help him.
"but I did," said the Lord. "I sent you a raft, a boat, and even a helicopter."


it wouldn't be sheep go to heaven without an angsty post now, would it?

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Nana Layne said...

So, what ARE you waiting for? The life raft, the boat, or the helicopter? Those are your choices.