Friday, November 30, 2012

boston in the fall

so it's been three weeks since i've posted here.

anyway, i went to new hampshire last week for thanksgiving with some pretty great friends.
that was cool.

she didn't want to be with daddy or even mommy, but "father goose."

including a large stash of stephen's hot chocolate.

apparently they don't sell frosted animal crackers
in utah anymore, so this was a big deal.

i'd explain that this is kirk with a turkey on his arm,
but i think that's kind of redundant.

joe and his pregnant wife.
she turned out to be cool and fit in with our group.
and she slapped me.

so this is maine.

goose rocks.

boston. : )

this guy was absolutely amazing and a great
showman. we estimated that he brought in $100-200
on this show and he deserved every dollar.

me and sam adams: identical twins.

at the holocaust memorial. couldn't resist snapping the picture.

even the back alleys in boston are awesome.

my favorite picture of the trip.

we made it to harvard.
wish i'd taken more pictures there. or even just looked around longer.

girls who wear shirts of skeletons in skirts are ok by me

i still hope that we'll make movies one day.
wish you could've been there.


Becky said...

Kirk looks much different than I remember him, but that's okay. I think his hair is shorter. And yours is longer.

kwistin said...

first off, three weeks is okay (it gives me time to catch up on all the posts i missed during my show).

secondly, that first picture is priceless.

third, i'm going to stop counting now.

i love how in those first three pictures you all have similar expressions. and then there's turkeykirk. good on ya for that lineup (and caption).

jealous that you saw boston and maine. both look pretty boss.

and all the other pictures?
yeah. pretty awesome.

Sariah said...

Love love love!!! Wish I could've been there. And hopefully we can ALL make movies together someday :) Jealous you got to walk around Harvard. I once had a dream of going there. Pretty dope.