Friday, December 09, 2011

art show: information arts

i went to bed at 7:30 on--what day was that?--thursday morning and slept without interruption until  4:15 that afternoon. it came fast and i was sad i'd missed my full day of work but it was already gone. the night/morning before, i had made sure our group's animation was submitted but the deadline to be in the fall show. now it was time to work on setting up our mfa class's art show portion of friday's event.

by 1 a.m. we had three of the six works hung and those three students went home. the remaining three of us spent the night wrestling with how to display our work, making multiple trips to the store for adhesive velcro, double-sided tape, wire, and chocolate. the two of us mormons had a discussion on religion with the former-hindu guy while he was eating a bag of beef jerky and found a lot of interesting parallels. on my second trip for permanent double-sided tape (my smart idea of using the "reusable" variety was a useless disaster), i stopped by mcdonald's to buy breakfast since i knew i wouldn't be eating for the rest of the day. and it allowed me to get my whole day's recommended fat intake at once.

around 9 a.m. the other members of our class started returning to the studio, seeming a little annoyed that we weren't all finished. to be honest, i'd thought we would be, too, but we'd been working all night to get to even where we were. i expect some people were feeling stressed but tensions never reared. with less than an hour to the show opening, i found myself with no emotional choice but to be slightly amused as my 20"x30" photographs were still falling off the wall, regardless of what i tried to use to mount them. everyone worked together, my ipod continued to bring forth good music, and we performed the miracle of turning that disastrous mess in the studio into a very nice looking art show.

i worked for a few hours, all the while fighting to keep my eyes open. i had a good phone conversation on my way to the institute and had a fun time at the second annual "orney" awards (where multiple people told me they didn't recognize the guy coming in late with a leather jacket and pony tail....) looking at the clock, i think i recently passed the 30-hour mark and i'm calling that good for the day.



LJ said...

Did I mention that your life makes me exhausted? Your life makes me exhausted.

Anonymous said...

This just makes me happy!!!!


Mark A. said...

Loved the beef jerky part. :)

Em said...

I do hope this sleeplessness thing doesn't turn permanent. I happen to know personally how many brain cells it kills. Don't do it.