Saturday, March 26, 2011

a quillinod of fuzzies

editor's note: i acknowledge that this post is poorly written and very cliched.
there's no way i could say what i want to even if i rewrote this seven more times.
but the pictures say it perfectly.

you know how sometimes you meet someone really cool?

and so you're like, "dang, i'd like to be friends with this person"....

and cool stuff just seems to happen when you're together?

you see things differently.

and other times you make awesomeness happen yourself.

and when life gets harder all around you, 
you use that force to bring your friendship closer and make it stronger.

and no one else quite gets it.  
not that you're being exclusive, it's just different.

anytime, day or night.

at the best of times and the worst of times.

there are some parts of my life that i wouldn't change for anything.

happy 23rd.



Jack said...

not sure what a quillinod is , but fuzzies i get. those pictures are awesomeness. happy birthday, Kristin!

kwistin said...

so i haven't commented yet because i keep wanting to write the perfect comment.

but, a few weeks later and words just don't do it (though i really liked the words in this post).

and that's what's so cool.

words don't do it because the experiences are where my comment is. words help, and so do pictures, and sure as heck so does chocolate, but it's just *everything* about our friendship that makes this post

similarly, this post alone would have been the perfect commemoration.

but this, on top of a surprise visit, amazing hug and audioplox has made my 23rd

thanks, dear friend.

and thanks for the birthday wish, jack! :)

so very ploxy.