Sunday, April 04, 2010

family conference for the single guy

only one post in march. for shame.

conference. dang, this weekend really flew by (excepting the closing prayer). i love it. no matter how many times i've been able to be in the conference center for a session, it's still exciting to be there. during the sunday afternoon session i tried to take notes not on what the speakers were saying but my thoughts as i was listening. i still plan on taking a severe highlighter to the ensign next month.

in the past, i've posted here a summary of the speakers and what they spoke. sitting in the nosebleed section as elder andersen got up to speak, i was thinking about the unmistakable common threads throughout the weekend. and i wasn't the only one, either, as the junior apostle commented on it as well.

family, raising children safely, and the hope of the rising generation: these were the topics that permeated all ten hours of the 180th general conference. counsel to teach children the gospel and love of the scriptures early was repeated and much of the priesthood session was directed toward those of the aaronic priesthood. it was interesting to hear all this talk to "the youth" about the greatness of the rising generation and to realize that that's no longer me (and it hasn't been for a while...) i will definitely look this conference up when i have my own children in five, ten, or twenty years.

but at the moment, i don't have children, don't attend a ward that has a young men's program or a primary, or really have much interaction in any way with people under 20 (allison, you are 20 now, right?) outside of babysitting my toddling nephew. so, what's a single boy supposed to do? there's still plenty. elder christofferson's talk on the stupendousness of the holy bible made me want to press on with my study of the book, elder oaks clarified how blessings of healing work, and, dang, i could easily go through my notes and list a fat paragraph of things i learned and was reminded of: the gospel is not easy to live, duty is virtuous, set up spiritual early warning systems, and it goes on.
and the power of example, mentioned in a couple of talks, can influence more than just children.

as i'm working to be patient for the day when i will have a family, president uchtdorf wonderfully taught that patience includes actively and persistently working towards the accomplishment of a goal.... ; )


Jaime said...

i love that picture of us. it's classic.

Allie said...

haha...yep I'll turn 21 in August :) Wohoo...a big girl ;)

Em said...

I'm fairly certain, that because the intended audience of GC is the entire population of the church (and in some cases the world), that a closer review will reveal plenty that can apply to you in the here and now. Even if in some cases it's only ways to prepare yourself and develop habits and traits that you want to have solidified come parenthood. I.E. bear testimony spontaneously..... that's a habit that doesn't require children to develop.

The Former 786 said...

Well said, Jeff.

I, too, noticed how family-centric Conference was. Either they're worried about the way the world is or they're preparing us for things to come.