Sunday, November 29, 2009

through being cool

driving down eighth street on our way to the dairy queen in moorhead one fall night a few months ago, i was talking with my sister about facebook. about how it seems like a good thing, about how i sometimes feel left out, and about how i like not being on it.
really, it all stemmed from a comment she made a few years back about not being on it and not seeing the point, and i liked that outlook. i liked not riding yet another technological wave, but keeping a little piece of "walden", so to speak.

but facebook has moved from a funsy fad (like myspace was) to something you were presumed to have, akin to an e-mail address. essentially the seventh largest nation in the world, it is not just another website to text message your friends. networking in my business happens there. my high school reunion (the official, lame one) was organized there. i'm currently coordinating work for the sundance film festival there as i type this.

and that night on the street, talking with my sister, i realized that, yes, there was something cool about not being on facebook. but it had gotten to the point where i wasn't on it solely because i liked being different for not being on it, which was as impractical as jumping on it just to be part of the crowd. so, as becky and i ate our soft serve ice cream in the cool autumn air in one of the best parts of moorhead, i decided i'd get me a facebook page when i had some time back in utah.

what i didn't plan on was a) school getting extremely busy and b) my friends setting me up a facebook page, anyway. so, the hard work was already done for me. and now that i have 102 friends, i'm commandeering my name.

as some astute friends have noted, yes, that is me writing on there now.

my one question is, what's so great about it? i'm not really sure what i'm supposed to do....


CK Rock said...

It's great to see you on Facebook Jeff! Now we can send you invites to our game nights!

Brooke said...

It's not so much what you are supposed to's more a place to state what you are thinking, doing, etc and keep up with others on their lives.

I don't post a whole lot, but I use it to keep up on people and what they have going on in their lives.

Good to know it is really you now! :P

Marvia said...

Ya! I'm glad you on facebook but the problem is when I tried to find you, your profile didn't come up. So if you wouldn't mind finding me, then we can be friends. Then you can send me a message and give me your email address so then I can invite you to be a viewer of my blog. See how this all comes together so perfectly? :)