Sunday, May 03, 2009

back 2 school

yes, after four years and a bit, i'm back with a byu student id.  it's pretty awesome, really.  when i learned that the 3-D animation world really likes (and needs) nice guys with a real-world understanding of cameras and lenses, i looked around and found that i could come back to byu for the spring.  i signed up for a 3-D computer graphics class, then, deciding that, as long as i'm here i may as well learn as much as i can, signed up for "intro to animation" as well.

i was excited for my first day of school and wore my best clothes: my new vest, nicest jeans, and favorite shoes.
it's a bit of a shift, getting back into the mindset of going to class and doing homework, as well as being a little detached from the student world, as i'll only be here for seven weeks. but i do love the academic environment. i love the light tables we draw on in my animation class, the fact that my teacher worked on "the little mermaid", "beauty and the beast" and "aladdin", and that the computer graphics classroom/theater is decorated with all sorts of amazing designs, storyboards, and concept drawings.

special thanks to kristin for being the right person at the right place at the right time to take my "first day of school pictures."


Natalie said...

Horrah for student life, even if it is a short 7-week life. And that picture looks like a cool Jansport ad.

Jaime said...

can we say, jansport model? nice.

CK Rock said...

Nice photos. Congratulations on going back to school--wish I could be there with you.

Em said...

I'm oozing jealousy. The friendliest kind. Enjoy every minute of it for me!

kwistin said...

love the new look. your blog looks...dang. :) i'm glad i could be at the right place and time, too! jansport ad? we could couple that with the wedding photography business and have more horror stories. but i'd be cool with that.

hurrah for animation! i keep thinking of switching...but i think i'll stick with illustration and just take as many animation and graphic design classes as i can on the side. maybe some photography, too. ;)

~Bekahjo said...

Congrats, that's really great that you're back in school! It's exciting to try new things =]