Sunday, August 03, 2008

remember that one time?

i pruned this from the jamhall, as i thought it was a rather fun idea. it's also a quick way to get a post up, seeing as none of the topics on my "to write" list are feeling particularly generative this sabbath afternoon.

1.  as a blog comment, post one memory that you and i have together.  be there multitudes to choose from, or only one at all, please share it.

2.  do the same on your blog.  i'll write.  

3. good times had by all.


~Bekahjo said...

Once upon a time I and my roommate Melody were invited to go on a hike with apt. 104 to explore some rather ruinous looking water towers on the way to Goshen. As we entered the trail, we noticed a sign on the gate that said "No Trespassers," but we were assured that "they" didn't really mean it. A good time was had by all...until we almost got arrested by a highway patrol man. He offered to give us each a ticket of approximately $200 or so, but we declined. It's quite possibly one of my favorite memories of Centennial living.

It's possible that your picture is of the same, but then again it's probable that you have visited many ruinous water towers in your time.

Em said...

I remember that we both just barely survived Jihong Mihn's crazy insane film project. But we felt all the cooler for having survived it. And despite how ridiculous Ryan Poduska looked in a Chewbaca suit in real life, you managed to make him look reasonably threatening. Still don't know how you managed that.

Jack said...

I really did mean to comment on this way back when. and thanks for doing this post on my birthday.

remember that one time i was the new guy, and the Chris (who was still just Chris then) wasn't going to watch movies ever again, and you said, "hey, we're watching Transformers the Movie if you want to watch with us," and i did and it was awesome and i've appreciated your flatmateship and manfriendship ever since? i might could fill a small book or hefty pamphlet with awesome jeff memories. maybe i will someday.