Tuesday, January 31, 2006

coming out of my cage

there's no light in our living room. an odd architectural design, especially since other houses in this development do have such a fixture; our options are either the entry light above the door, or the light on the ceiling fan in the back of the room. perhaps for a cinematographer that offers more artistic options of light: dramatic backlight/romantic highlights, or three-quarter front light.
currently the three-quarter front light illumines our small coffee table, lighting my glass of mugi-cha.

i find i am lacking in profound thoughts, so i will shoot for the mundane.

  • the last great cd i bought was nick warren's global underground mix in shanghai. the cutting edge of techno, it has rekindled my interest in the genre.
  • i also picked up paul oakenfold's 'fluoro', which, at being released in 1996, makes it exceptionally old in the world of electronic music; so far is has lived up to its reputation.

  • this blog was originally going to be titled 'you said you'd bake us a cake,' but as i was setting this up, i was listening to the eponymous song and felt it a better choice. 'sheepgotoheaven' was taken as a domain name, and while i considered 'goatsgotohell' as an alternate, i am happier with my choice.
  • other considerations included 'best imitation of myself' [too 2004], 'dancing with myself' [an acceptable option], and some others than i can't remember.

  • i have been citing 'the lion the witch and the wardrobe' as the best movie i saw last year. and it certainly was, and far exceeded my expectations. but there are many many more that i want to seen and will probably have to catch at the dollar theater. i am happy that 'good night and good luck' received so many oscar nods, as that will hopefully get it back in theaters again.

  • 'the killers' have the best sound on the radio; not as innovative as the white stripes, but they took rock in the next step and it sounds great.
  • i don't care much for their name, though.
  • i happened to find the beach boys' 'pet sounds' at a used cd store, and it did the impossible: it is better than i imagined, in light of every 'great album' list putting it at #2. i wanted to buy it for everyone i knew for Christmas.

  • 'le samurai' wasn't as cool as i was expecting it, but as it has sunk in over the month since i saw it, i think it really is a pretty darn good movie.
  • welles's 'f for fake' was a ton of fun to watch.
  • the best wes anderson in order: 'royal tenenbaums', with 'rushmore' in a close second [the scene with richie and margot in the tent makes it all], 'the life aquatic', and then 'bottle rocket'.

  • valentine's day: 'punch drunk love' and 'he loves me, he loves me not.'
  • unless something drastic happens.


Em said...

The best for Valentine's will always be Il Postino - there's no disputing that. Granted it's all mushy and italian, but definitely a project full of love of all sorts. It's a movie that talks with its hands.

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